whats wrong with stopping to smell the roses?

hey babys! sorry i've been so mia; i was at camp for the last two weeks! it was by far the best 2 weeks of my summer, although not my most fashionable. i mean really, its camp; you're a social outcast if you're too clean! but i'm back. and don't worry, i didn't lose any of my style while riding horses and singing silly songs and hiking. it breaks my heart to leave you all behind on my adventures. BUT here's the great news; i leave for the fabulous Nantucket tomorrow. yes, i'll be gone another 2 weeks, but i should be able to pop by the library on occasion to check up on you guys. that is, assuming i have time between laying on the beach, reading, sketching the island, and of course, shopping. i've got a great post planned when i'm back. i'll be personally taking pictures of the trip, so i'll do a first ever, vacation, beauty, fashion post of that lovely isle. it'll be fab. but now lets get to my point today. i have lined up my personal fav for summer-leading in to fall scent. first up, Rock 'n Rose by Valentino. as if the name isn't enough to get you intrigued, perhaps my story will. its the scent for the sweet girl with a pucnhy attitude. some one who wears pearls and leather, delicate gold chains with stilleto heels. its sexy, but its soft. its light and airy, but still a little raw. i'm in love. what can i say? Contains :Bergamot, Black Currant, Crunch Green, Orange Blossom, Gardenia, Muguet, Rose, Sandalwood, Orris, Musky Notes, Vanilla, Heliotrope. Style:Soft. Sexy. Edgy. how yummy does that sound? $42-$78. delicious. i know this post is bit rushed, and i'm so sorry i haven't gotten around to returning comments. i'm off go finish packing, my flight leaves in a few hours! i'll try to get on a computer while i'm there to say hello and perhaps comment on all your blogs. get excited for my return home when i'll walk you through an entire day or two of great shopping! keep reading lovies, i'll be back before the next trend wave hits!

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candy is dandy, so eat up delicious fashionistas

sorry i've been so MIA lately. school is finally out (hell yeah!) but of course i had exams. damn. not fun. but thats all in the past now, thank goodness. honestly, they weren't too bad, but i had 7 exams, most students have 5-6. yes, i actually had a drawing final and dance final. they weren't written finals, per se, but nontheless i had to be there, in the room, for 80 minutes. boring! enough of that, on to the good stuff. i'm all for bargians and not that in to the flashy labels, but i can't resist the classic Coach Wrislet. they obviously, come in more colors, but i really dig the black. it'll hold all you need; a phone, cash, gloss, credit cards, licenses, etc. and its conivently small. its a great transition piece. i mean really, can't you just see yourself taking one of these cuties to lunch with the girls, then to a brief, matinee shopping spree, then taking it out to dinner and movie with that summer guy you've had your eye on? i can, thats for sure. you can also use it as a wallet and toss it in to your beach tote or messenger bag for your summer job. $48. again, i like the black, but you can get choosey and pick your fave. in the mood for a little spice? try these; adorable Coach charms. these are just a few examples. why not show your sign? i'm pisces, obviously. admit it, reading your horoscope is totally fun, and you know that sometimes they're eerily right. the heart is just so sweet. metallics are hot again, but this is subtle, so its not so trendy that you won't be able to use it next season. a heart shows how sweet you are. irresistable. and my name is Hillary, so naturally i'm showing you the H charms. they come in all letters so no name is left out. just clip one of these cuties to you wristlet, or any other bag for that matter. too cute. $28 each. a nice little summer treat. or drop hints to your summer love that you want a few for your anniversary. cute. anyway lovies, i'm headed to an art program in a week so i'll be out of touch for awhile. i'll squeeze another post or two between now and then though, not to worry. keep those comments comming loves! and i love your emails, so hit me up at danc1ng_1n_the_ra1n@yahoo.com love and kisses!

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if fashion was a stock market, everyone should invest in these

just about every piece of clothing in my closet is on my bedroom floor right now. its what i do every summer; i clean out my closet, get rid of old stuff to make room for the new. i have just 3 months to update my look. i can't wait. summer is the perfect time to focus on you; no one else, just you. summer...yeah its all i can think about. the pool, the beach, art camp, camp, summer boys, summer love. and summer stock. and by stock, i mean those items that you buy all summer in all different colors (something boys cannot understand) because they are just so fabulous and chic and comfy and they just go with everything. yeah, you know what i'm talking about. first up, the C&C classic tank. $40 online, but you you can find 'em at Saks, Neimans, Nordstroms, and many other little upscale boutiques. they have a multitude of colors at the official website linked above. i'll admit, they're a bit pricey for something so simple, but this is an essential piece thats worth the extra cash. super soft cotton, not-too-tight-but-not-too-boxy fit, fabulous colors...i'm in love. they're so light weight you can were them one at a time, layer with other tanks or under a tee or something. my plan is get more of these (the ones i have are on a constant loop with my fave pieces), but i'm stuck making my own money this summer. i'm plotting to divide the my earnings into 3rds; 1/3rds goes to savings, 1/3rd goes to spending money, 1/3rd goes to save-up-to-treat-myself. i'll be treating myself to these little lovelys are summer long. up next, my sweet treat for your feet, JCrew Ribbon Flip Flops. the other weekend, one of my BFFs and i went on a saturday shopping excursion. i spent over half an hour digging through shelves of these cuties to find some in my size. having a size 9 foot has its setbacks. so after making a mess of the back corner of the store, i walked out with two pairs. $24.50, and they're quite a steal. better yet? buy two or more pairs and you get 20% off. they come in all sizes and 9 different colors. might i suggest buying them online? seriously, if you have your heart set on the right size and color, its a safer bet. i wear my two pairs constantly, and my feet have never looked cuter. i'll be buying more soon, and thats a fact. thats all for now, my lovely fashion divas. i have so much great stuff to show you, i'm spacing it out over a few post. keep reading! i love emails...so hit me up at danc1ng_1n_the_ra1n@yahoo.com mkay? questions, concerns, i love it all. if i like you enough, maybe i'll post your message! so send away darlings, i love you all. oh and i've had a few request for link trades. sounds like a partay. i'll get back to those who've requested it asap and i'll work on getting them up sooner than you can say pretty 'n pink. much love, keep reading, and kisses!

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because everything sounds better in a romance language, so english doesn't count

how to start? its not my strong suit, these 'topic sentences'. if i were better at them, then my essays would be alot better, seeing as my obnoxious teacher comments on the 'weakness' of my 'TSs' (he abbreviates everything). lovely.

i'll just get to the good stuff, then i'll elaborate on yours truly and the point of this blog. for summer, which, mind you, is a few mere weeks away, i've already envisioned the changes that my wardrobe will undergo. i have just 3 short months to update my look. i'm seeing a jutaxposition of Vera meets Betsey. a touch of Juicy and Twisted Heart meets Alexander McQueen. upscale prep and boho vintage. a happy balance. see the thing that seperates a well dressed girl from a fashion phenomenon is that the goddess always looks great (well no shit), but no one quite knows why. they don't know where she gets her look. if you look, you'll see a J zipper, maybe two interlocking Cs or some other trademark. but really, no one knows if her amazing ensemble consist of a Saks shopping spree or a dig through the local thrift shop. its both, and its neither. its a beautiful thing, being that fashionable fabulous.

with that in mind, here are some of my fave pieces. no one has to know that i'll know were you got it.

fabulously preppy. sweet and simple. its almost as basic as underwear, except you always show it off intentionally. $154. well spent.

i have no cleavage, thus i can't logically lust after this top. no boobs + this cut? well is it makes me look flatter. but if you're bigger than me (seriously, most people are), then this is fab. $196. tad pricey, but way gorgeous.

who wants a bulky jacket in the summer? perfect light weight, easy to grab and go. more colors, but i'm digging the blue. $24.50, so stock up. i know i did. more colors in the store, less online. personally, i got white, black, and celery. this is a summer must.

amazing no? i'm just bursting with the urge to splurge. spring shopping fever. i'm going tomorrow. can't wait.
now a quick word about me. i'm hill; i play the piano; i dance. yes, i do ballet and belly dancing. a beautfil art form and a sex call. its fantastic. perhaps i should do a post inspired by each form of dance...hm. come back and see. i love to draw too, i'm quite the artist. oh and i'm also incredibly fashionable. duh. now this is my piece of fashion history; i'll do a good job. each lecture will consist of a glimpse in to my oh-so-fabulous-life, a wonderful dose of fashion juice, and an ending piece on my current status. so you'll know how i'm feeling.
i love your comments and i love all my readers (*mwah*). keep coming back, we both know you want to....j'adore la amor. kisses to all!
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